Oleh: yovita1305 | Mei 23, 2008

azUmANgA dAiOh,,

Before there was Lucky Star, there was AzuManga Daioh. It’s not as cavity cute as Lucky Star and not as much inane humor either but the storyline is much more coherent and that much crazier to even things out. AzuManga Daioh started off as a comic strip before it was turned into an anime so it’s only a matter of time that a compilation of the comic strip was put together into an actual manga book.

AzuManga follows the lives of six girls in high school. Between their crazy sicko teachers and their own insecurities, high school has never been so interesting. There is little Chiyo-chan, the most adorable little 10-year-old genius to ever be alive. Everyone is jealous that she is smart AND rich but she’s so cute that no one can really hate her for long. If you visit her at her huge house, you might see her riding her giant dog, Mr. Tadakichi, around like a horse.

Osaka (this isn’t her real name, just a nickname) constantly obsesses about Chiyo-chan’s ponytails and frequently daydreams about how Chiyo-chan has detachable ponytails that she switches between seasons. There are times she thinks that they can make Chiyo-chan fly or maybe she’s really a robot and the ponytails are switches to turn her on and off….Yeah…Osaka is not too grounded in reality.

If you are wondering why Osaka ended up with the nickname Osaka, you will have to thank Tomo-chan for it. Always energetic, always talking without thinking, and always doing everything without thinking Tomo-chan. It’s a wonder why this girl hasn’t been killed yet. Surprisingly, Tomo-chan actually has a friend despite all this: Yomi.

Yomi is the complete opposite of her luckily; I don’t think the school can take another girl like Tomo-chan. Quiet, studiously, and always the constant voice of reason, Yomi instills a calm about her that is rather like an eye of a storm.

Another person that instills a bit of calm in the school would be Sakaki: the gifted athlete and champion of all small cute things. Most of the students in the school think that Sakaki is mature, cool, and aloof because she’s confident in her athletics and do not need the approval of those around her. Sadly, only Chiyo-chan in her own innocent way know that Sakaki is too shy to say that she wants the approval of her fellow classmates. She doesn’t want to be known as the girl that wins trophies for the school; she just wants all things small and cute and huggable to love her and allow her to take care of them.

Last but not least, you have Kaorin… you don’t really see much of her except when she’s ogling Sakaki… I think she has a crush on her.

And then, you have the crazy sicko teachers. The most normal of these teachers is Miss Kurosawa. She’s very nice and, most of the time, in full control of herself as she teaches gym class. You start seeing kinks in her armor emerge the minute her old friend, Miss Yukari, start calling her “Nyamo” though. Miss Yukari, on the other hand, probably never grew up from her days as a teenager. She is always obsessing how she compares to Miss Kurosawa and has the social graces of a rampaging bull. Her students love her despite her social awkwardness; since she never grew up from her days as a teenager, she’s practically still one of them.

Between Miss Kurosawa and Miss Yukari, they have to protect all the female students from the odd, lecherous Mr. Kimura. He has a thing for female high school students; even little Chiyo-chan who is only 10-years-old is not safe from Mr. Kimura’s scheming.
So if you liked Lucky Star or if you’ve watched the AzuManga Daioh anime already and loved it, you should pick up a copy of the manga and check it out.


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